Sunday, December 27, 2009

Got my new contact lenses!

They don't look that great on me =O(
I need to wear them again maybe with some false lashes. I dunno... lol

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a Happy Holiday! ^o^

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I had the most fun photoshoot on Sunday. It was pinup inspired. Here are some cute pictures. Enjoy!

Here i am lol I'm wearin my new boots! SO HOT!

We're DONE!! lol
Ugly face shot!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Holy craP!! I am in love with my new boots from Aldos!
I bought the CASSETTY boots a couple of days ago and the shipping was so flipping quick! The first day I wore them, I got so many compliments! =O)

Go get youRS!! The size runs small. I hate aldo sizes! Im normally a size 9 or 39 EURO size but I needed a 10 which is a 40 @ aldos. When I received them in the mail yesturday, they did fit a little snug but leather strecthes so I said what the hell! I wore them all day at work today and I was okay. But my feet are very narrow so you ladies that have wider feet I suggest you go one size up or you can just go to the store and try 'em on! lol =O)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Another Happy Ebay purchase!
I am sooooo super duper HAPPY!
I found this seller on ebay that sells red cherry lashes for cheap and in bulk!! Im in love!
The sellers ebayID is beautyla
I bought #49 and #33's 12 each! for under $40
I think it was a good price! What do you think?


Ordered a couple of things on the macpro website =O]
Mixing Medium
Chocolate Brown pigment

Below is chocolate brown pigment with mixing medium.

The 6 Sorceress eye shadows

3 Christmas presents which I will not say because my sister will probably know it is hers. She checks out my blog once and a while to check my grammar skills lol
From the Baroque Budoir Collection I got the lipgloss is preciousness

NC35 Studiofix Liq. foundation (I ran out of my other one)
FIX+ (ran out)
Cleanse off Oil (ran out)
Chromaline in Black Black Awesome stuff! This is highly pigmented. I wore it the other day and it did not smudge or smear. This is my new liner!

Shaping powder in Lightsweep I needed a highlighter for my peach blush palette

and Last but not least some slanted mac tweezers sooo nice! I didn't get to take a picture because the battery died so I need to recharge it.

Sephora Haul

Hey there!

Just showin off some of my new things hehe

I recently purchased from Sephora the Anastasia brow pen, the # 49 eyeshadow from MUFE and the #26 Rouge Volupte from YSL.
WoW! This brow pen is my new HG item for brows! It lasts all day long! The color is the universal shade. It dries so quickly so be careful not to mess up lol it's a stain so be patient with your strokes and try not to draw your brows in like _____ (fill in the blank lol) im not gonna say but lets just say their brows always look like they used a sharpie. Eeek!
Anywho! the shadow is really pretty too. I haven't used it yet. =O(

The YSL rouge volupte is soo beautiful! It's the perfect pinky coral color for my nc35 nc40 skin.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tissue Pom Pom's

My sister and I are having a party and we're kinda going all out. She was googling party decor and this image of Tissue pom poms came up so she clicked it and it took her to some girls blog. She was talking about tissue pom poms she had the martha stuart link she she clicked it we learned how to make them. We made two one red and one pink.


Fimo Clay Yummies/ Deco Den?

This is what I made with my fimo clay a couple of weeks ago. I just baked them all. I love doing this when I have absolutely nothing to do. Is this decotti or just deco den? I'm not sure. Anyway they are all cell phone charms.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ebay has been my best friend lately lol I have been getting so many great deals. If you're an ebay shopper I hope you recieved your 10% off coupon. I already used mine woohoo! I'm soo bad. Anywho I am doing all my christmas shopping on ebay hehe This is actually my second year doing christmas shopping on ebay.

So! I am not a big fan of Ed Hardy but the fragrance oh yeah! My kinda smell. hehe The other day I won an Ed Hardy edp set that comes with the 3.4oz perfume and lotion for $37.25 the 3.4oz edp bottle is $75! Oh! whenever I buy perfumes I buy from only top rated sellers. I also bought a Hanae Mori Butterfly 1.7oz edp for 37.85and the 1.7oz edp in the store runs about $90 ouch!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Makeup Demo!

OMGawsh! Thank you! for my new followers you guys are awesome and your blogs are very cool! I am soo new to this so bare with me here ok hehe I will be doing a makeup demo at the beauty school I work at so I will be posting some pictures up this friday night. It's for the Esthetician students hehe It's supposed to be an avante garde makeup but we'll see what I end up doing hehe I'm excited!

It is 9:00 pm just got home from work and shopping lol The demo went great! I could have done better but whateva! The only thing that really sucked was that I forgot my camera such a DUMMY! =O( I have pictures on my cell phone though but I'm having trouble sending it to my email and loading them up on the comp. I dunno what am I doing wrong? The chord is connected to the USB thingy.. I dunno..

Now, this was an eye demo lol I wasn't really focusing on the foundation. I used sculpt and shap foundation with the prep + prime powder. I forgot to spray her face with Fix+ before the shadow but oh well enjoy!

Rachel Zoo lol

I love this actress she is soo funny! This video is one of my favourites hehe

Essie Polish

This is yet another nail polish Haul hehe I love love love all three the first one on the left is called mint candy apple seriously only takes two coats. Then pink parka I just love to death! It's hot it's pink and MINE! Last but not least another favourite of mine Midnight Cami WOW! The picture does not do this color justice. I wore this color last week and while I was driving to work the sun was right on my hand and all I saw was this beautiful shimmery shimmery blue it was soo pretty! I need to really think of other words to describe the shimmer in this polish it is one of the prettiest blues I have ever owned in my life!

Colour Club

Nail Polish! I'm a licensed manicurist in the state of california and have been doing nails for over 6 years. 5 years in salons and 1 year and a half or so doing my own, friends and family at my home lol So enough with my story.. I still buy products from my nail distributor Ms. Prizant! She's awesome any color I ask for she can find it for me. So, I ordered all these colour club polishes. From left to right with abandon, wild at heart, lazer pink, and ultra violet.

Makeup For Ever

Buy 3 MUFE eye shadows and get a free MUFE palette on I think this promo is over now... Uh.. anyway that palette is $20 flippin bucks! Yikes! I'm so happy I took advantage of that promo hehe  I bought #92, 75, and 72. Pretty pretty pretty! The pink one stains but who cares! The pigmentation on these shadows are phenomenal! I wish I could think of something to type about it but nothing else is coming to mind. Oh well! =O)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Favorite YSL lipsticks!

I have got to say the YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ lipsticks are amazing! From left to right is 1, 7, and 19. The number 1 Nude Beige is my signature color! Love it! I do need a gloss on top because the lip color is so thin my lips feel dry after about 2 hours of wearing it. I don't care though it's flippin beautiful!

I kept them in the same order so from left to right is the
#1 Nude Beige (creamy neutral beige)
#7 Lingerie Pink (light creamy pink)
#19 Frivolous Pink (mid-tone pink with blue undertones)
I also bought a lipgloss but I got the wrong one boo! so I will swatch the new gloss this weekend. I have to drive an hour to get to a Sephora that carries YSL. I live in the most boring place ever! We have a sephora but it's inside a JCPenny and it SUCKS!!! lol
Anyway, I can't wait to get my #26 tender peach!

Fashion Fashion Fashion!!

I love this site!


Ebay WIN!!

Lord have mercy I am so bad!
When the MAC style black collection came out I bought a lot of things such as the greasepaint stick, cinderfella, blue flame, the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and the V.A. Thermal Mask but I forgot to buy one thing... YOUNG PUNK eyeshadow! =O( This was an online purchase so if I wanted to return it I would have to send it back and end up driving an hour n some minutes to get to my nearest MAC pro store. It was my fault though, I was being lazy lol  Turns out these eyeshadows sold out like hot cakes and I had to find it on ebay. Great news! I won yesterday! Yaye! I will not say how much I paid for it because that's too embarrassing lol but I won and I can't wait to get it.
Note: I got this picture from google search I will change it once I get mine in th mail I hope she doesn't mind. =O)

My Poupee Girl whatever that means.. It sounds like poopee lol I couldn't find my hair color lol whateV!
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wishlist from Polyvore site

Geo Angel Contact Lenses

I bought a pair of Geo Angel contact lenses a couple of days ago. I have really tiny eyes and I figure ok.. these contact lenses make those beautiful asian girls eyes look much bigger and soo pretty so I have got to try them! I stumbled onto this girls blog and she said she ordered her contact lenses from love it because they're cheap! =O) Can't wait to get 'em! When I get 'em I'll take a picture and post it up. =O)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LEGERE White Multi BB Cream Foundation

So! I have been reading alot of great reviews on this Legere BB cream and I'm very curious as to how it would look like on my skin. I have read that this BB Cream stuff only looks good on light skin but I wear NC35 in the MAC Studio Fix Liq. Foundation =O( I do like to tan but I really really wanted to try this stuff so I purchased it on ebay yesturday. Yes! ladies and gentlemen I have jumped on the BB cream bandwagon! Once I get it I will put a nice review after a week or two of using the stuff. I'm so excited to try another new beauty product!