Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ordered a couple of things on the macpro website =O]
Mixing Medium
Chocolate Brown pigment

Below is chocolate brown pigment with mixing medium.

The 6 Sorceress eye shadows

3 Christmas presents which I will not say because my sister will probably know it is hers. She checks out my blog once and a while to check my grammar skills lol
From the Baroque Budoir Collection I got the lipgloss is preciousness

NC35 Studiofix Liq. foundation (I ran out of my other one)
FIX+ (ran out)
Cleanse off Oil (ran out)
Chromaline in Black Black Awesome stuff! This is highly pigmented. I wore it the other day and it did not smudge or smear. This is my new liner!

Shaping powder in Lightsweep I needed a highlighter for my peach blush palette

and Last but not least some slanted mac tweezers sooo nice! I didn't get to take a picture because the battery died so I need to recharge it.

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