Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Makeup Demo!

OMGawsh! Thank you! for my new followers you guys are awesome and your blogs are very cool! I am soo new to this so bare with me here ok hehe I will be doing a makeup demo at the beauty school I work at so I will be posting some pictures up this friday night. It's for the Esthetician students hehe It's supposed to be an avante garde makeup but we'll see what I end up doing hehe I'm excited!

It is 9:00 pm just got home from work and shopping lol The demo went great! I could have done better but whateva! The only thing that really sucked was that I forgot my camera such a DUMMY! =O( I have pictures on my cell phone though but I'm having trouble sending it to my email and loading them up on the comp. I dunno what am I doing wrong? The chord is connected to the USB thingy.. I dunno..

Now, this was an eye demo lol I wasn't really focusing on the foundation. I used sculpt and shap foundation with the prep + prime powder. I forgot to spray her face with Fix+ before the shadow but oh well enjoy!

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