Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ebay has been my best friend lately lol I have been getting so many great deals. If you're an ebay shopper I hope you recieved your 10% off coupon. I already used mine woohoo! I'm soo bad. Anywho I am doing all my christmas shopping on ebay hehe This is actually my second year doing christmas shopping on ebay.

So! I am not a big fan of Ed Hardy but the fragrance oh yeah! My kinda smell. hehe The other day I won an Ed Hardy edp set that comes with the 3.4oz perfume and lotion for $37.25 the 3.4oz edp bottle is $75! Oh! whenever I buy perfumes I buy from only top rated sellers. I also bought a Hanae Mori Butterfly 1.7oz edp for 37.85and the 1.7oz edp in the store runs about $90 ouch!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

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