Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kelley Baker Brows

Hey guys! Got some awesome new eyebrow products in the mail today from the very sweet Makeup Artist Kelley Baker! She sent me eyebrow powder in ash brown, a spooly brush one side is angle to apply the powder and the other end is a mascara wand to brush the product through your brows. The third item is the highlight pencil and last is the highlight smudger brush which looks like a flat square brush. I have to say this brow powder is very nice! The brow powder is very pigmented. I even used it as an eyeshadow base today and boy am I excited to try it on its own on the lid with a complimentary color in the crease! The spooly brush is great too! I love when I can find a good strong bristled brush for my brows, I feel like the color deposits better in between the brow hair. The highlight pencil is also a fun item. It can be used alone and blended out with the highlight smudger brush or it can be used as a shimmer highlight base. If your brows are anything like mine sparse and crazy you have got to try this product! Check out the website! She has a cool demo video on how to apply her product! www.kelleybakerbrows.com

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